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Information overloaded

Information Overload

From the second we wake up to the minute we go to sleep we are bombarded by information. How many of us check our social media before even getting out of bed? The phone is already in our hand to turn off the alarm so let’s have a quick check. Oh. Three Facebook notifications. Click. Click. Click. Before you even get out of bed your brain has been absorbing information. The content of the Facebook notification may very well determine your mood for the day. The rest of the day then is filled with more clicks, tweets, dings, beeps and the occasional spoken word with a real human being.

The problem with being exposed to such an infinite source of information is that it is nearly impossible to determine what is real and what isn’t. At least we can depend on The News to confirm the truth to us. Facts are undeniably facts. The News is definite and definitive……. unless the facts are “alternative facts” or the news is fake news of course.

If you walk in to any book shop you will discover the shelves to be dominated with information on two topics - in the main - namely diets and improving your mental health. Yet, in Ireland today we have never been more overweight and never struggled more with our mental health. A plethora of information is being consumed but paradoxically we have ended up fatter and sadder.

The problem, as eluded to earlier, is that people have become lazy and are so accustomed to instant gratification that they no longer want to make an effort. How many of us could be bothered to scroll on to the second page of a Google search for example? This book contains information. Your goal is to transfer the relevant information you read here into knowledge, and you gain knowledge through actions and experiences. In essence you put words into action.

There is a generally accepted rule when it comes to people transforming information into action and it is called the 20:80 rule. Whether the information comes from a book or a seminar it is said that 20% of the recipients will act upon what they have learned while 80% will do nothing.

Which percentage are you in??

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